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Over at Jupiter, we’re building new tools for fitness trainers to make it super simple to manage their clients. We’re working on releasing our app and it’s going to be out pretty soon! Recently we were building a feature to create new workouts which had multiple nested components, where we’d have to dynamically add or delete components as well as take input from the user. After we’d capture the form, we’d need to post it to our backend, which means we’d need to have a single view of all the data.

The Problem

Recently the UK government announced that they are looking to bring Digital ID cards into the market. People are having to increasingly verify themselves online and there’s no widespread solution for this. Whilst Digital ID have been widely adopted in countries like Estonia, India and Sweden, there’s been both praises and criticism from industry experts. Instead of providing my point of view on the matter, I’d like to introduce you to the companies who’s already made the first move and are the ‘hot stuff’.


You can use Yoti at convenience stores in the UK

Yoti has built a mobile app that lets you get a ‘Digital ID card’. You…

In my previous article, I spoke about the different identity models that are currently existing on the internet. In this article I’m going to talk about the different ways organisations can implement decentralised identity systems.

Roles in Digital Identity

In the digital identity world, there are usually at least entities that participate so that the exchange of value can take place.

Roles in Digital Identity


The holder is typically an individual/organisation that would own the digital identity. This could include information like your name, address, DOB, nationality, email, phone, etc. If you’re an organisation, it could include information like your organisation name, office address, director, etc. Some of…

As humans we find ways to lower uncertainties in one other so that we can exchange value. If you want to travel outside of your country, you need to carry your passport and show it to the immigration officer so that the officer can verify you have the correct permissions to enter the country. In the physical world, if you want to open a bank account, you can travel to a branch and get yourself verified. These are all examples of exchanges of value where organisations learn to trust individuals and provide them a service. If you want to buy…

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